The consortium consists of 7 SMEs, 2 large companies, 1 region, 1 municipality, 3 universities and 4 innovation centres.

Brainport Development NV, Netherlands, located in the southern Netherlands, is a leading technology region and innovative ecosystem that is home to over 5000 tech and IT companies, 21 municipalities and more than 800,000 inhabitants.

Clust-ER Health, Italy is an association uniting public and private actors of the health ecosystem of Emilia-Romagna to foster innovation and multiply opportunities for territorial development through a collaborative approach.

Clust-ER Innovate, Italy is a collaborative network of public and private entities, including companies, research centres and educational institutions, that have come together to share skills, ideas and resources with the common goal of improving the competitiveness of the Emilia-Romagna region and promoting more innovation opportunities.

Cluster Smart Cities & Communities Lombardy, Italy bring together companies, research centres and stakeholders with the skills and resources to promote and facilitate research in support of innovation to design, develop and implement the most advanced technological solutions for the integrated management of systems at urban and metropolitan level.

Datariver SRL, Italy is a CRO and an innovative SME providing telemedicine solutions for pathology registries, rare diseases and clinical trials using IoMT, Big Data Integration & Harmonisation and AI.

Frontida Zois, Greece  is a private social welfare organisation for the home care of vulnerable groups with the aim of promoting active ageing, independent living and self-determination of patients.

Funlus Oy, Finland excels in IT and marketing, improving digitalisation and customer engagement for all businesses with authentic branding and effective project management.

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, Greece a member of the Deutsche Telekom group of companies, is the established telecommunications provider in Greece. As the leading company of the OTE Group, OTE offers its customers a wide range of technologically advanced services.

Italtel SPA, Italy designs and delivers end-to-end digital solutions that address key productivity and business success issues, as well as the development and simplification of network infrastructures.

Luleå University of Technology, Sweden is a public research university with four campuses in the Arctic region, primarily engaged in applied research in close cooperation with international and national companies and offers over 100 educational programmes.

Municipality of Egaleo, Greece is a public body and specializes in the environment and quality of life, social policy, education, culture and sport. It serves as a testbed and amplifier for innovative solutions leveraging its facilities and landsites.

PIKEI New Technologies, Greece is active in the Internet of Things (IoT) domain specializing in the development and deployment of IoT solutions using the latest cloud-native technologies that leverage the flexibility and power of the cloud.

Region of Western Greece, Greece is a public organisation, one of the 13 regions of Greece with the 3 administrative districts of Aitoloakarnania, Achaia, Elia. It has a well-trained human resource with high scientific and technical education that implements measures to improve the daily life of citizens.

Re:Lab SRL, Italy enhances Human-machine interfaces through design, prototyping and validation with the aim of increasing product quality and competitiveness by fostering improved interactions between humans and technology.

SAMMY PC, Greece is an information technology provider specialising in the provision of integrated IoT-enabled solutions, intelligent systems and cloud-based services for marinas and tourist ports.

Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Finland is one of the most versatile universities of applied sciences in Finland. It provides expertise, testing and development platforms and a demonstration site for smart water management.

Thingwave AB, Sweden is a SME specialising in the Industrial Internet of Things with expertise in production optimisation and safety, particularly in industrial environments such as mining and infrastructure monitoring.

University of Patras, Greece is a renowned research university with a strong technological tradition that excels in the field of ICT.

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