Advanced CoMputing Continuum Solutions for Boosting DigITalization acrOss EUropean RegionS

The project AMBITIOUS drives European digital innovation for a sustainable future by addressing the challenges of climate change, urbanisation, energy production and occupational safety. Focusing on AI, 5G and IoT, the project empowers SMEs to compete globally, improve safety measures and minimise energy waste. It promotes inter-regional collaboration, commercialisation and growth opportunities for start-ups while providing testing grounds, funding and support for innovation activities. Through technology development and partnerships with large companies and academic institutions, the project accelerates innovation and improves the visibility and integration of SMEs in EU value chains.

Advance the state of the art in AI, 5G and IoT and promote interregional collaboration and commercialisation. It aims to overcome the limitations of traditional architectures for computing infrastructures, especially for applications requiring low latency. It focuses on the computing continuum paradigm and provides technological solutions for computing infrastructures, data analytics, AI-powered predictions and secure data exchange. AMBITIOUS supports SMEs in overcoming market challenges, provides testing environments for early feedback and fosters innovation through technology development and academic collaboration.

The project is aimed at catalysing growth and innovation in small and medium-sized high-tech companies. This will be achieved by accelerating innovation through technology development, fostering collaboration and implementing key activities such as providing funding, facilitating knowledge transfer, improving visibility and establishing robust technology networks.

The consortium consists of 7 SMEs, 2 large companies, 1 region, 1 municipality, 3 universities and 4 innovation centres. Read more.

The project will demonstrate its solutions through seven use cases based on existing 5G testbeds in Sweden, Finland (Oulu and Kuopio) and Greece. These test environments offer state-of-the-art features and capabilities, including support for non-standalone and standalone versions of 5G, edge computing and advanced network management features.

Surveillance/Monitoring of controlled areas
Smart Water Management
Precision Agriculture
Intelligent Living-as-a-Service
Innovative Digital Technologies for Real-time Monitoring
Telemedicine Platform for Continuous Remote Monitoring and Patient Support
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Support Management


The project is led by Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

6.3M Euro​

October 2023 - September 2026

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