A tailor-made IoT solution

OTE is member of the Deutsche Telekom (DT) Group of Companies, and the incumbent telecommunications provider in Greece. OTE plays a key role in AMBITIOUS use cases by providing a tailor-made IoT solution, as well as 5G connectivity services.

OTE offers its customers a wide range of technologically advanced services such as high‐speed data communications, mobile telephony, internet access, infrastructure provision, multimedia services, TV services, leased lines, maritime and satellite communications, telex and directories.

OTE’s R&D Department is involved in almost all technological and infrastructural issues and is an active participant in many EU and international collaborative projects. OTE’s current R&D activities include broadband technologies and services, next generation network architectures, infrastructure development etc., following to the actual challenges for the development of a fully competitive network infrastructure & a portfolio of innovative services/facilities.


IoT Cloud Testbed

OTE actively participates in AMBITIOUS’ use cases by providing:

•       Custom and commercial end-devices/sensors such as, image recognition, movement tracking, temperature, humidity, pressure, activity, luminance, smoke/fire, power/energy-related, etc.

•       IoT hubs/gateways supporting multiple HAN/BAN/LAN/WAN technologies/interfaces; over 150 technologies/protocols are currently supported incl. Ethernet, WiFi, z-wave, zigbee, BLE, LoRaWAN, 2G/3G/4G/4G+/5G, NB-IoT

•       Common backend for data storage, processing and visualization (MQTT, InfluxDB, Grafana, Kapacitor)

•       Docker deployments and remote configuration device management. 

Figure 1 OTE’s IoT Cloud Testbed overall architecture

Domains for Using OTE’s IoT Platform

OTE’s IoT Cloud Testbed platform can be used for a wide range of domains, including energy monitoring and management, advanced automation, alerting, smart homes and security.

Figure 2 Indicative Domains for OTE’s IoT Cloud Testbed Platform